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If you are totally new to Kajabi, or simply struggling to understand how to use it effectively, this 7-hour, white glove training course (built with Kajabi, of course!) is a game changer.

Learn the skills to quickly & confidently create your:

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  • Overwhelmed and stuck
  • Feeling lost and without direction
  • NO plan of action
  • Weak website
  • No digital product to sell
  • Thoughts of giving up


  • Feeling CONFIDENT
  • Filled with CLARITY and direction
  • New goals and an ACTION plan
  • Website DONE!
  • Digital product DONE!
  • Offer & checkout pages DONE!




Bryan demystifies the Kajabi platform in a comprehensive and easy to follow way, making it rapidly accessible even to a tech-challenged newbie like me.

If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed and have no clue how to get your Kajabi site, online course, sales page, and checkout page together, then Bryan's "Kajabi Quick Start" course covers everything you need to get up and running in record time. Clear and concise, Bryan takes you from beginning to end, step by step.

I highly recommend this essential course to all Kajabi course creators.

- Analena Mandlsohn


After signing up for my Kajabi account, I first attempted to use Kajabi’s official, free “Kajabi University” learning portal to figure out how to design my website and landing pages. What a discouraging experience. It DID NOT offer a systematic framework, so it was taking me way too long to figure out how to achieve my desired outcome, that I actually stopped trying.

One fateful day, I noticed Bryan's LinkedIn profile tagline: “I make Kajabi EASY to learn!”, so I gave his “Kajabi Quick Start” course a try.

I very quickly discovered that this course is an EXCELLENT step-by-step guide for creating & selling an online course with Kajabi!

In 15 information-packed modules, Bryan expertly shows how to create an online course product, an offer, a sales page, a checkout page, a thank you page, and then shows how to lace them all together into an order funnel!

His clear, comprehensive, structured approach to teaching made all the difference for me to confidently reach my desired outcome!

Bryan really does “make Kajabi EASY to learn!”

- Maria Ovando-Gibson


Bryan is a master at Kajabi; but even better... he knows exactly how to break it down and teach it in a logical step-by-step approach.

Bryan's "Kajabi Quick Start" course covers literally every question about Kajabi, and how to get set up in the quickest time possible.

This course is a real time saver!

Kajabi has a steep learning curve at the start, but with this course it was easy to master Kajabi in the least possible amount of time and effort

Bryan's course does exactly what it sets out to do - gets you set up on Kajabi with as little fuss and effort, and in the shortest time possible.

Get "Kajabi Quick Start" and save yourself time and headaches, and overcome any technical confusion!

Patricia Mac Eoin

Don’t get caught on the outside looking in of maybe the most exciting industry on the planet right now! Join KAJABI QUICK START right now and learn Kajabi FAST so you can take advantage of the rapidly growing eLearning industry!

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Creating & selling an online course is one of the most efficient and scalable online businesses possible. You create value out of thin air and sell it to an almost unlimited number of global customers!

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  • Learn to confidently create your website, online course, sales page, and checkout page in 1 week or less
  • BONUS 1: Hand-curated directory of high-earning Kajabi courses for ideas & inspiration
  • BONUS 2: A reference page containing all Kajabi section types so you can easily imagine design options
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Bryan Lamb - Kajabi Coach

I'm 20-year veteran tech leader, entrepreneur, and 7-figure online course author specializing in tech, automation, and media topics.

My goal is to teach you how to use the KAJABI platform FAST so you can create & sell online training courses in a week or less.

I have over 200,000 students in 157 countries. Once you experience my training style & delivery, you'll understand why! 

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